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Geo-membrane hose

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Geo-membrane hose

Brand Name:
Yi Xiang
Place Of Origin:
Business E-Mail:HD@hdtgcl.cn

Introduction to products:

Geotextile bag is a double-sided bag product made of polypropylene (PP) as raw material,or using continuous (or individual) bagged product which is processed into by polyester fiber woven double layer fabric with high strength, good stability and strong water filtration,and concrete or cement mortar is pumped into the bagged product by means of a high pressure pump,the thickness of concrete or cement mortar is controlled by the length of inner sling bag and sling rope (polymer, such as nylon, etc.).concrete or cement mortar consolidation form a certain strength of the plate structure or other structure, and which can meet the needs of various slope engineering.As a new type of building material, geotechnical bag is used in construction, and which can be widely used in river, river, lake, sea dam, revetment, harbor, dock and other protective engineering.


Product standard:

1.Woven geotextile bag FJ40、 FJ50 、FJ60、 FJ70 、FJ80、 FJ100、 FJ120、 FJ150、 FJ180

2.Knitted geotextile bag FZ40、 FZ50 、FZ60、 FZ70 、FZ80、 FZ100、FZ120、 FZ150、 FZ180

3.Needle - punched non - woven hot - rolled eco - earth mold bag FW120 \FW150


Product feature:

1.The construction of geotextile bag is formed by one-time spray irrigation, which is simple and fast.

2.The geoform bag can adapt to all kinds of complex terrain,especially in deep water bank protection, such as bottom protection without filling cofferdam,and which can be directly underwater construction,which has a high degree of mechanization, and the slope protection area is large,more holistic,and the stability is good,and also which has a long service life;

3.The geotechnical mold bag has certain water permeability,after the concrete or cement mortar is poured in, excess moisture seeps through the interstitial Spaces of the fabric, and the water-cement ratio can be rapidly reduced,and which can speed up the solidification of concrete, as well as increase the compressive strength of concrete.

4.Geotextile bags are permeable,and the good function of impermeable soil,on the one hand, soil erosion is prevented,on the other hand, it provides a growth carrier for vegetation, and which can help the root system absorb water, effectively protects the bag body, and extends the life of the mold bag.

5.After the revetment is completed, the geotechnical mold bag can be perfectly integrated with the natural ecological environment,and which can wave elimination and environmental protection, beautify the environment,as well as ecological protection is in line with the global trend of green development.

6.The overall stress of the earth mold bag revetment,and which has scientific stability,and which has absorptive capacity and buffering effect on external impact force and has transmission system structure which can not be compared with the seismic performance.

7.The construction of ecological geotextiles is quick, convenient and simple,and which can effectively solve the difficult problems such as easy damage of traditional protection engineering, long construction period, hardening of river embankment, and impact on ecological balance.



Which can be widely used in river, river, lake, sea dam, revetment, harbor, dock and other protective engineering


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