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Polypropylene fiber geotextile

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Polypropylene fiber geotextile

Brand Name:
Yi Xiang
Place Of Origin:
Business E-Mail:HD@hdtgcl.cn

Introduction to products:High strength polypropylene staple fiber needle-punched geotextile is based on high strength polypropylene staple fiber as the main raw material,and it is produced by opening, combing, mixed and disorderly, laying net, needling and spraying water-repellent agent.


Product standard:SNGPP100~SNGPP1200 Width: 2m ~ 6m , and the length according to user requirements.


Product feature:Physical and mechanical properties such as fracture strength and puncture resistance have obvious advantages, and it is 2 ~ 3 times higher than conventional products. The weight of the same gram of the product proportion is low ;It has good acid-base resistance and good hot-melt adhesion,and which has good workability on site, and which has the ability to adapt to various engineering conditions .The System components which is used for CRTS Ⅱ type plate without a frantic jumble rail system can reduce the interaction between the track system and the bridge surface.


Range of application:high strength polypropylene staple needle punched geotextiles is mainly used for passenger dedicated railway CRTS Ⅱ plate without a frantic jumble between rail and beam on the set of sliding layer and CRTS Ⅱ plate without a frantic jumble orbit and friction between geotextile material abscission layer,and it can also be widely used in the fields of hydropower, highway, railway, port, airport, stadium, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation and environmental protection, and there are isolation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, closure and other functions.

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