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Application of filament geotextile in hydropower and water conservancy projects

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The filament geotextile can replace the traditional engineering materials and construction methods, which is safer in construction and helpful to environmental protection. It can solve the basic problems in engineering construction more economically, effectively and persistently. Filament geotextiles have good mechanical functions, good water permeability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, isolation, protection, stability, anti filtration, drainage, reinforcement and other functions. They can adapt to uneven base, resist the damage of construction external force, and creep. It is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower projects. Let's learn about the application of filament geotextile in hydropower and water conservancy projects.

Filament geotextile is very suitable for improvement, structural reinforcement and protection. In water conservancy and hydropower projects, it is used to control corrosion, carry out bottom protection and other protection projects. The mechanical compressive strength of such structures as compressive strength, resilience, bursting resistance and puncture resistance is high, which is more than twice that of short fiber geotextile with the same weight, especially the puncture resistance and puncture resistance compressive strength are above 22, which can reasonably avoid the impact of irregular stones on nylon fabric in rock slope protection. It has good widening characteristics, fast in-situ stress distribution and uniform load distribution. The friction resistance is large, so it is not easy to load during construction. High quality solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, embedded road surface, life span of 5 years, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, can withstand temperature difference of 200-30 degrees without affecting the quality.