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Fish pond geomembrane

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Fish pond special geomembrane is recommended for fish pond culture. Geomembrane is a kind of polymer chemical flexible material with small specific gravity, strong extensibility, high adaptability to deformation, good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and frost resistance.

And geomemes construction is simple, low cost, good impervious effect.

The fish pond should be leveled and compacted before the laying of geomemes. There should be no crushed stone roots to prevent the geomemes from being damaged. After finishing, measure the dimensions, measure the bottom and slope separately, and leave enough margin. Geomemes of different specifications are selected according to the measured size, which are generally 6m or 8m wide. After the geomemes are laid, they are overlapped with each other by about 10cm and welded by a special welding machine. Through welding, the geomemes become a whole and have a good impermeable effect. After the welding, the bottom is backfilled with 20-30cm soil layer, and the slope is covered with non-woven cloth to prevent sun exposure, so as to protect the geomagnetic film and increase the service life.

Fishpond geofilm is a kind of waterproof barrier material based on high polymer. It is mainly divided into: low density polyethylene geomembrane, high density polyethylene geomembrane and EVA geomembrane. Standard name is polyethylene geomembrane, mainly opalescent translucent to opaque thermoplastic resin material made of polyethylene resin. Polyethylene is a high polymer, is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless white particles, the solution point is about 110℃-130℃. Fishpond geomagnetic film has good heat and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, high mechanical strength, the environment resistance should be cracking and tear resistance, with the rise of density, mechanical properties and blocking performance will be improved accordingly, heat resistance and tensile strength is higher; Can resist acid, alkali, organic solvent and other corrosion.

Due to its good tensile strength, high impact strength, permeability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, impermeable geomemes have been widely used in the construction industry in coastal areas. It is also widely used in rivers, DAMS, reservoirs, diversion tunnels, highways, railways, airports, underground, underwater and other projects. Geomembrane has become an important material for the construction of modern national economy.