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Skills of laying filament geotextile on old pavement

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Because the filament geotextile has unique characteristics, such as good strength and toughness, strong reinforcement, partition and so on. In this ancient river, the laying of fiber geotextile plays an important role. The filament geotextile should be singed on one side, which is beneficial to the construction and the combination with asphalt concrete. We need some small skills to control construction and learning.

(1) Before laying with filament geotextile, the surface of old pavement should be cleaned, and the cleaned pavement should be dense, flat and clean. This is conducive to the laying of filament geotextiles.

(2)The wood tar spraying truck should run slowly and steadily, and the spraying rate should be stable within the full penetration spraying range. High altitude shooting should be cancelled.

(3) The transverse definition of sprayed asphalt is 5-10 cm wider than the laid filament geotextile;

(4) The barrier filament geotextile is then flattened with a streamlined tool. It is strictly forbidden to crush the barrier filament geotextile between the old and the dead to prevent the occurrence of dead wrinkles. If folds occur, the folds shall be cut off and re laid after alignment.

(5) The filament geotextile shall be laid to make it tensioned, flat and wrinkle free. Joints shall be lapped 15 cm. The sintered surface at the lap joint shall be sprayed with adhesive layer oil and flattened.

(6) The weather also affects the construction of filament geotextiles. When the temperature is lower than 10 ℃ or the road surface is wet, soil sampling shall be stopped.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to use crawler type paver, but rubber wheel paver should be used to prevent damage to filament geotextile, and soft shoes should be worn for laying hands;

(8) After the geotextile is laid in place, it is strictly forbidden to drive various vehicles on it. Vehicles that need to enter shall be placed on the street with scaffold board to protect geotextile, and special personnel shall be assigned to guard.

The reason is that the raw material of filament geotextile is polyester chip. Its production process is to melt at high temperature, so as to spin two nets, then lay nets and needles, and then roll them into coils by hot rollers. Laying filament geotextile is enough to delay the crack of cement pavement caused by sunlight reflection, and also to enhance the strength and smoothness of pavement.