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The role of the revetment gabion pad

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It has the characteristics of flexible structure and can adapt to the local deformation of the slope foundation soil. It can effectively adapt to the rise of icing, does not require post-maintenance, and saves a lot of maintenance costs that have been required in the past due to freezing. In addition, the structure itself can naturally grow plants and beautify the environment.

Under the action of water flow, the displacement and deformation of the cushion can not meet the requirements of impact resistance. The construction efficiency of the Gebin pad is 2-3 times that of the traditional rigid structure, saving labor costs.

The stability of the pad, due to the twisted wire of the adjacent pad, makes the whole project a complete whole with overall safety and stability.

   The holes in the grid mesh create conditions for the water flow. It is conducive to the natural exchange of water and soil, creating a living environment for aquatic organisms and microorganisms, improving the self-purification ability of water bodies, and protecting and improving water quality. Filling the pores creates conditions for greening and vegetation through artificial soil layers or naturally deposited soils. Even if the seeds are not dispersed, the plants will naturally grow, optimizing and beautifying the environment, improving and restoring the ecological environment.