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How to deal with the part of the geomembrane that cannot be welded

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The geomembrane of the slope is laid from top to bottom, and one piece should not be spliced in the end. The seam at the corner should avoid the corner groove as much as possible. The geomembrane should be wholesale and should try to reduce the irregular shape to a small extent. Then use the hand-held grinding wheel to repair the welding parts of the welding joint with the extrusion welding machine.

For the pave welding of the bottom film, it is necessary to use several geomembranes of similar width for splicing. All the cross welds were repaired by the extrusion welder, but the film was not anchored in the north and south.

Dead corners, nozzles, columns, etc. are hot melt welding machines that cannot be welded. It is often a key part of the entire project. Geomembrane wholesale special glue is a good material to deal with these problems.

KS special glue can be used in places where there is no way to weld. The geomembrane wholesale can be well impermeable as long as it is heated and melted and evenly applied to the leaking point. Cheaper, more worry-free and simpler than soldering.