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What is the role of vegetative slope protection bags in environmental protection?

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In recent years, with large-scale engineering construction and mining, a large number of slopes of rocks that cannot restore vegetation have been formed. Most of the traditional slope engineering reinforcement measures use rock-stayed retaining walls and spray-sludge slope protection structures, which only play a role in protecting soil erosion. No matter how it is done, it is grayish and white, which does not help the landscape. Not to mention the protection of the ecological environment, on the contrary, it will only destroy the harmony of the ecological environment.

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness and economic strength, the planting bag slope protection technology is gradually applied to the construction of the project. Taking energy conservation and emission reduction, promoting "two-type" social construction, environmental protection model city creation, green creation and ecological creation as the carriers, let the form and content of environmental protection enter the organs, communities, enterprises, rural areas, schools and families, let each one People have become advocates, leaders and practitioners of ecological civilization construction.

Popularize ecological civilization education in primary and secondary schools, and cultivate students' awareness of ecological civilization. Due to insufficient vegetation cover, the high-steep slopes and the unsloping slopes formed during the development of many mines and highways and railways often cause landslides and mudslides.

    Caused major loss of life and property and ecological disasters. According to statistics, the country's soil erosion area is 3.67 million km2, accounting for 38% of the country's land area, and the rate of soil erosion is increasing at 10,000 km2/year. Soil erosion not only destroys the ecological environment, but also accumulates rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Flood control has brought severe impacts, resulting in reduced agricultural production.