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Construction code for composite geomembrane

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Composite geomembrane is widely used in channel seepage prevention projects. In recent years, the extensive application and effectiveness of geosynthetics in civil engineering, especially in flood control and rescue projects, has attracted the attention of engineers and technicians. For the application technology of geosynthetics, the state has put forward normative technical requirements from the aspects of anti-seepage, anti-filtration, drainage, reinforcement, anti-seepage, etc., which has greatly accelerated the promotion and application of new materials.

Composite geomembrane is a water-impermeable material made of geotextile and geomembrane composite. It is mainly used for anti-seepage. The composite geomembrane is divided into a cloth and a film, two cloths and a film, a width of 4-6m, a weight of 200-150g/m2, and physical and mechanical properties such as tensile, tearing and bursting. High, can meet the needs of civil engineering such as tunnels, subways, transportation, construction, municipal, water conservancy. Because it uses polymer materials and anti-aging agent is added to the production process, it can be used in unconventional temperature loops.

The composite geomembrane is heated on the one side or both sides of the film through the far red of the oven, and the geotextile and the geomembrane are pressed together by the guide bar to form a composite composite geomembrane. With the improvement of the production process, there is also a casting process for composite geomembrane. The form has a cloth one film, two cloth one film, two film one cloth and the like.

The geotextile acts as a protective layer for the geomembrane, so that the anti-seepage layer is protected from damage. In order to reduce ultraviolet radiation and increase anti-aging properties, it is best to use the embedding method.

Composite geomembrane construction matters

1, the use of embedded type: cover thickness should not be less than 30cm;

2. Application of refurbishment anti-seepage system: cushion layer, anti-seepage layer, transition layer, protective layer composition;

3, the soil should be solid, to avoid uneven subsidence, cracks, turf, roots within the anti-seepage range to be removed. A sand or clay having a small particle size is laid as a protective layer on the contact surface with the film.

4. When laying, the geomembrane should not be pulled too tightly. The soils embedded in the soil at both ends are divided into corrugated shapes, especially when anchored with several days of materials, there should be a certain amount of expansion and contraction.

5. During construction, the stones should be avoided, and the heavy objects should be directly placed on the geomembrane. It is best to construct, lay the film, and cover the protective layer.