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What should be paid attention to during the construction of composite geomembrane?

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Composite geomembrane should pay attention to the following points during construction:

1. The use must be buried: the thickness should not be less than 30cm.

2. The refurbishment prevention system shall have: a cushion layer, an anti-seepage layer, a transition layer and a protective layer.

3. The soil should be solid to avoid uneven subsidence, cracks, and turf and roots within the anti-seepage range. A sand or clay having a small particle size is laid as a protective layer on the contact surface with the film.

4. When laying, the geomembrane should not be pulled too tightly, and the two parts buried in the soil part are corrugated, especially when anchored with rigid materials, there should be a certain amount of expansion and contraction.

    5. During construction, the stone should be avoided, and the heavy object should be directly placed on the geomembrane, and the film should be laid while covering the protective layer.