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Lead's Oration

Lead's Oration

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Lead OrationThe mountain is covered with fresh green plants, clear water flows in the river, air is fresh, flowers bloom, trees shade flowers, grass is green, birds are singing in happiness. Our home is beautiful and vibrant. But we have to leave every inch of the land clean for our offspring to live on.


Hongda always takes pollution treatment and environment protection as its own mission. It focuses on environment protection and seepage protection in urban construction, coal chemical and mineral pollution.


Meeting the needs of customers is Hongda’s primary mission. It assists many other companies to prepare environment protection plans. Projects undertaken by Hongda are distributed all around China and generally praised by many investors.


Hongda is a professional team full of responsibility and mission sense. It pursues excellence and wins trust with integrity and quality thanks to constant innovation.


In the future, Hongda will continue to focus on pollution treatment and treatment of dangerous waste and solid waste with fully courageous spirit and meticulous attitude. We will reform industrial technology and create high value for customers without stop.


Thank you for your trust and support to Hongda over the years. We wish to join hands with you for building a harmonious nature, keep the Earth away from pollution and make our home green.



Introduction of the President


Mr. Li Zhongpeng, president of Hongda, graduated from Heilongjiang Baoquanling Industrial College in 1996. He was appointed a senior manager of Hongxiang New Material Co., Ltd. thanks to his outstanding performance. During the period of the appointment, he was honored “Best and Outstanding Contribution Award” and “Best Management Pacesetter Award” many times.


He was promoted as general manager of Hongxiang Plastic Packaging Product Co., Ltd. in 2002. During the service as general manager, he was honored “Best Reform Innovation Award” and he laid the sound foundation for later development of the company.


He was promoted to the chief supervisor of marketing department of Hongxiang New Material Co., Ltd. in 2006. In the post, he led the team in contacting for and construction of environment protection seepage protection projects.


He founded Hongda Geomaterial Co., Ltd. in 2012. He always adheres to the tenet of “winning trust with integrity and quality, people orientation and cooperation for win-win”. Under his leadership, the company is on the track of fast development and completed several “model projects”.


He attended NLP President Smart Management System courses organized by Beijing Nationality University. In the study, Li Zhongpeng was generally recognized by the faculty and other students owing to his outstanding performance in courses and he obtained the diploma in 2017 with excellent performance in exams.


Lead Oration Lead Oration Lead Oration


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