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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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Hongda Team


Several senior managers with professional experience of more than 10 years are available in Hongda team. They adhere to the spirit of “credit, integrity, independence and hard working” and devote their effort to treatment of coal chemical waste, mining waste, dangerous refuse, solid waste, waste landfill, seeping liquid regulation tank construction. Hongda is now in cooperation with several known companies in providing environment protection solution.


The team has many construction technicians and many welders with experience of over 10 years. They follow high efficiency and specifications principle, win the market with skill and technology and win service contract with innovation. Hongda, with accumulated experience, assists many companies to solve construction difficulties. Careful construction creates quality project and wins recognition and praise by many companies.



Technological R&D


Hongda is mainly engaged in R&D of application of seepage protection and separation system in urban work, factories and mining industry, the optimized combination of separation system and advanced construction technological process. Key R&D fields are: take seepage protection and separation system as core, constant innovation and expansion, leakage testing, leaking contaminant on-line monitoring, treatment of contaminated soil, ecological recovery and other seepage separation system as well as environment protection in other fields.


With strong technical capacity and innovation and independent R&D capacity, Hongda made a series of research result. It conducts exchange and cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and many design institutes as well domestic and foreign geosynthetic material companies. Hongda made great contribution to talent cultivation and technological development. Hongda has obtained 13 patents for utility models and 16 software copyrights in seepage protection sector. It participated into the development and amendment of eight national and sector standards and Hongda personnel published many professional papers in core journals.

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