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Development History

Development History

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Hongda Geomaterial Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, launching its business in urban environment protection, dangerous waste and solid waste treatment. Given the market needs and precision need of projects, Hongda, after much effort, successfully purchased LEISTER two-rail welding plant from Swiss, DEMTECH from USA and LEISTER Tension Testing Equipment from Swiss and applied mature technology into seepage protection works.


Hongda attended 2013 Textile Exhibition, signed export trade order with CNMC International Trading Co., Ltd. in the same year, officially marching to international market.


Hongda attended 2014 China International Geosynthetic Material Exhibition. In the exhibition, Hongda signed several contracts for waste treatment, dangerous solid and solid waste treatment, very fruitful result.


In 2015, Hongda closely followed up market dynamic information, kept keen eyes on the needs of international market, signed several foreign trade agreements and orders. Hongda also taught welding technique in many other countries through technical exchange. Hongda established trade partnership with many companies of other countries. In this way, Hongda further expands its business in international market.


With years of site practice and experience, sound product quality, Hongda successfully completed Hulun Buir’s Shanjin Mining Industry Tailing Pond Project in the outdoor extremely low temperature of 45°C in 2016. Hongda not only contributed itself to Inner Mongolian environment protection cause but also opened a new chapter of performance in North China.


In 2017, Hongda was honored a firm “Honoring Contract, Integrity and Being Civilization Model” by local industry and commerce administrative authority. This was the second time in two consecutive years.


Hongda was honored “Local Environment Protection Pacesetter” company in 2017.


Hongda obtained Environment Protection Works Class III Contracting Qualification in 2017.

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